Durga Puja in Bengal

Durga Puja (the once-a-year worship of Goddess Durga) is a fad in West Bengal and it is also the only occasion which Bengalis about the globe look ahead to. Usually Mahisasuramardini , it typically occurs both in the thirty day period of Oct or in the month of September in accordance to the Bengali calendar.

If you are organizing a getaway to Bengal just don’t forget a single point. Kolkata, the funds of the condition comes to a standstill for the duration of Durga Puja and a lot happens without having everything truly working. No places of work, no educational institutions, no public service, no nothing at all. The competition is celebrated in other areas of India also, someplace as Navaratri or Dussehra and even as the worship of the mom goddess with Delhi and Mumbai possessing a reasonable share of community celebrations. Even in abroad places, anywhere there is a Bengali culture, the pageant is celebrated with its usual fervour with priests and even idols getting flown to the location for proper observance of rituals.

Specific factors are a have to for Durga Puja. New clothing are a need to for everyone and so is pandal hopping. ‘Pandals’ are really temporary structures, mainly built with bamboo poles and tarpaulin, that are built to home the checking out Goddess and her divine household and for carrying out the rituals of worship. Pandals are decorated superbly and innovatively using a wide variety of adornments and there are actually numerous competitions carried out in order to choose the greatest pandal based on a selection of parameters.

The celebrations are a little different in smaller sized cities and in rural locations being simpler in mother nature. But in Kolkata men and women spend a hectic five times stuffed with socialising, feasting, and some serious merrymaking. But nevertheless drained one is, the early morning ‘Pushpanjali’ (the ritual flower worship to the chant of mantras) is not one thing that can be missed. Soon after the puja, night time and day, is the distribution of ‘prasad’, known as ‘bhog’ in Bengal- straightforward and filling and just too scrumptious.